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How it works

Step 1: Register as a consignor  ($10 consignor fee) and get a consignor number. 

Step 2: Prep, price and tag your own items (our system makes this super easy, and fun!) 

Step 3: Sign-up for a volunteer shift to increase your earnings. 

Step 4: Sign-up for a drop-off time, bring all of your items big and small!

     Step 5: Enjoy the perk of being a consignor and shop first during the consignor-only shopping night. Check your sales report each night of the sale to see how much you're earning.

Step 6: Pick up any unsold items unless you have marked them for donation.

Step 7: Receive a deposit via Paypal with your earnings!


Consignors receive 60% of their total sale proceeds.

-1 shift =  early consignor access + 65% of sales.

-2 shifts =  early consignor access + 70% of sales.

-3 shifts =  early consignor access + 75% of sales.

Biggest perk: Consignors Shop FIRST! All consignors also get free access to the ticketed public pre-sale event as well!

*Consignors will be paid via Paypal 10 days after the last day of the event. Please make sure you have an active Paypal account that is associated with the same email address that you're registering to consign with to ensure you get a timely payment.

Ready to start tagging your items? Here's what we recommend to get started!


Supply List
-Wire hangers & sturdy plastic hangers for heavier items,
-Cardstock paper (to print tags on)

-Safety pins (assorted sizes) or tagging gun if you have large quantity of clothing items ( $15 on Amazon)
-Various sizes of ziplock bags including large gallon
-Clear packing tape and masking tape in a fun pattern that you will remember (this will make it easy to find your items on pick-up day)
-Zipties to (keep shoes together!)

We highly recommend laundering all items and using a fabric softener
(everyone likes a nice, fresh smelling item!)

Are you interested in selling your items but don't have time to do the work of tagging? 

Our "Express Consignor" program may be right for you. 

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